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Whitebait Connection Far and Mid North

The Whitebait Connection has visited schools and marae in the Far IMG 5340and Mid North since 2002. The area contains many unique and significant wetlands and freshwater environments, such as the Aupouri Wetlands and Lake Ohia, which was the location used in the LEARNZ Wet Feet Field Trip in 2009. The Wet Feet LEARNZ virtual learning field trip was hosted by the Department of Conservation and the Whitebait Connection. 

The Far North is the birthplace of the Wet Feet Freshwater Inquiry Teaching Resource which is used in Northland WBC delivery. Much of the Whitebait Connection 'Investigating Freshwater' Inquiry Resource DVD was filmed in the Far North area with Oturu School.

Whitebait Connection Kaipara

WBC has worked with many schools in the Kaipara district since 2002 and aranga school article 2012 smallalso helped the Department of Conservation to pilot their 'Pouto Dune Lakes and Dwarf Inanga Community Education Programme' in Term One, 2010 with Pouto and Te Kopuru Schools. 

We also run community events in the Kaipara such as the Kai Iwi lakes Open Day.

Most recently we've been working on finding Inanga Spawning areas in the Kaipara area alongside WBC community engagement programmes.

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