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Whitebait Connection - Canterbury

Coordinator: Kirsty Brennan (based in EOS Ecology)
Phone: 027 962 0662
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Canterbury 11WBC Canterbury's goal is to offer schools and their communities practical, holistic and inspiring information and education about their local freshwater environments and to promote positive changes in attitudes and behaviour towards these environments.

Kirsty Brennan has recently taken on the role of WBC Canterbury Regional Coordinator, and is passionate about WBC in Canterbury. Kirsty attended WBC's national conference in Whangara,Gisborne in 2016 and is set to take on Canterbury and a new 'WBC Environmental Investigators' project. Watch this space for updates!

Former WBC coordinators in Canterbury included Department of Conservation (DoC) rangers, Annabelle Studholme and Cody Frewin.

Check out this link to see what she got up to with Seven Oaks School.

Read a newspaper article about it.

The WBC programme was delivered by Cody to 5 schools and community groups in the Mahaanui area over 2008 and 2009. This includes, programme introduction, instream workshops (when possible), follow up session and possible ‘take action’ activity or event. Schools that were involved over this time were; Cotswold School, Russley School, Kendal School, Ashgrove School and Avonhead School.

cantrbry 1bSome feedback from teachers and students below...

Teacher, Avonhead School: "A great intro and map of the South Island. Good to check knowledge and build from there – Cody did this brilliantly. Children loved the 'river' making part – high interest and good conversations with children. Cody was super organised for this. The river making demonstrated well the cause and effect with the children”.

Teacher, Russley School: "What a stand out lesson! The building and making the river with amazing props absolutely got the message across. Cody has certainly made quality equipment to enhance her lesson. Her knowledge and drawing on children's prior knowledge developed an incredible understanding of a river, it's requirements and pollution. I hope many children in Canterbury are lucky enough to share this experience."

Teacher, Avonhead School: "It is so valuable having a person from DoC visiting schools and educating students about the environment in our country."

Student, Valerie: “I learnt that there are different types of water and that different types of fish like different grades of water”.

Room 10 students, Russley School: “We didn't know that there were so many animals and plants living in a river. It is sad that our rivers are getting spoilt from pollution. People pollute by leaving rubbish behind such as plastic bags and cans. Farmers let cows and other animals walk in and mess our rivers. Soil also makes the rivers dirty. You taught us that trees and plants are important to help make the water ways clean”.

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